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I am sorry for posting so unsorted stuff lately (i am jumping back and forth in time and most of my material is already scheduled to fill the next week (I’ll be away in Nice starting on thursday) but well…

This one is still left from the workshop in the Berlin Zoo, a semi sleeping white wolf, looking so fluffy (IT’S SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE!!! – just to quote ‘despicable me’ once in my lifetime 😉 ) – I like this somehow shy look in her pose, facing slightly away and so on…

Yes, by now you might get it: I am all over the place, I am completely bonkers actually and yes… Will all be better soon, i guess – for now please enjoy this wolf.

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North Western Images - photos by Andy Porter

Just back from Glacier Peak Wilderness, traveled in and out via Spider Meadows.

My brain goes into sensory overload when I see all those colors! I love it!

I have seen more flowers, and denser stands of flowers elsewhere, but never such a varied array at once.

Purple, yellow, white, red and green, it was awesome!

Trying to capture the scene is not easy! I just started, took a few steps and kept shooting, each viewpoint offering a different scene.

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Spider Meadows Wildflowers