Save Trees and Water

5711d8c1a58828dd0d53d399b42944a9Please do everyone Contribute for  Trees and Water because nowadays our World Population Increasing and we are all destroyer forests due to Development Highway Roads,Buildings,and Countries so it needs to our future Life for pure Oxygen and Preventive from Sun Rays, so we should be do this kinds of things

It’s Possible whenever we have did the destroyer Trees so when Alternatively we have been develop Trees it’s not take too much time just 15minutes to 30minutes

Water It’s most Important Part of our Life but we doesn’t think about Water for example  before 100 years our Population was very low but right now our Population was very high this things very very important so Quantity of Water Level was same 100 years before 80% of Water was Purely available but right now only 30% of Water was Purely available Remaining Water of Sea Water and Sewage Water so this is not enough for managing our life but it’s Possible which way only we are all should be save Water whenever we have to use the Taps instantly Close don’t waste of single drops and also Rain Water should be save Amazon-Rainforest-3






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